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Thia Fashion is an online jewelry store offering our customers across the world with water resistant, tarnish free jewelry with unique, elegant and chic designs that are durable and come at exceptional prices.

Our Water Resistant jewelry made from superior quality, gold plated, Stainless Steel and all our products are hypoallergenic and skin friendly.

We believe that ‘customers are queens’, and they deserve nothing but the best – both in quality and design, anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

Our Brand Story

For years we had been buying jewelry that would lose its color, tarnish, give us green fingers in a few usages and cause skin allergies. This limited our ability to wear most of the in-fashion jewelry, as most of them were made from cheap materials like copper, zinc and brass. We would end up wearing our few gold and silver pieces, which would be expensive and not necessarily be the trendiest ones.

We are sure, we are not alone in this struggle and many of you may have had a similar experience too.

After thorough research, trial & error, we found a fix to these challenges in stainless steel jewelry. We wanted to share our experience with all of you too. This is how we created Thia Fashion, your one stop jewelry store, for reliable, trendy, long lasting jewelry that you can wear Everyday - Everywhere.

Our Stainless-steel collection is perfect for daily usage and a must have for every self-confident & independent woman who truly lives it up – whether it’s home, office, beach or gym, this jewelry can be worn all the time and anywhere. This collection is water-resistant, tarnish free, hypoallergenic, and long lasting, so you can go about doing your normal routine without having to take it off!! Our designs are contemporary that truly brings out the Goddess in you. We wanted to bring this amazing value to you at prices and service that’s completely unbeatable.

Coming from a small mountain town, we have always believed in living in harmony with the nature. We, hence, wanted to build our brand with products that are sustainable and 100% recyclable.  

Given the high quality and longevity of the jewelry, this is truly worth every penny and we can assure, you will come back for more, just like many of our loyal customers.

 Happy Shopping! 

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